Braces for children

Two children wearing braces hugging each other while playing sport

It’s common for children and teenagers to need braces for a variety of reasons. Their permanent teeth may be crooked, or their teeth might not fit together the way they should. There are a number of factors that can cause these problems, from genetics to childhood habits like thumb-sucking.

At Total Orthodontics, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including solutions that have been specially developed for children and teens. Our orthodontists first trained as dentists, and then went on to complete a further three years of study and training before earning the title of specialist.

When should children see an orthodontist?

Children can have orthodontic treatment when their dentist or orthodontist feels it’s most appropriate, but most children start teeth straightening aged 12 or 13 once their permanent teeth are through.
Your general dentist may tell you that your child needs orthodontic treatment and then refer you to us, but you’re also welcome to contact us yourself for private options.

Some of the treatments we offer are designed specifically for patients under 18:

Why choose Total Orthodontics?

Our primary focus is on creating straighter, healthier smiles for our patients. Some of the benefits of Total Orthodontics includes:

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Terms and conditions:

  1. £2,995 price point applies to Orthodontic Essentials at participating practices to patients aged 18 years or under.
  2. The price point only covers the orthodontic treatment required, in the form of traditional fixed braces, to straighten your teeth
  3. The price point does not include any applicable COVID-19 safety tariffs, which will be charged in addition if they apply.
  4. Prices and options for further treatment may vary depending on location and suitability.
  5. A COVID-19 safety tariff will not apply to the free consultation but may apply to specific appointments in your treatment, which you will be notified of beforehand.
  6. Price is subject to review and may be amended at any time.