Teeth Whitening

Your straighter smile, now even whiter

Teeth whitening is the perfect finishing touch to a newly-straightened smile; with our professional at-home whitening treatment, you can achieve beautifully white teeth in a safe and reliable way.

Teeth whitening at Total Orthodontics

At Total Orthodontics, we offer teeth whitening in the form of take-home kits. With our professional advice, you can use the custom-made trays to whiten your teeth after your straightening treatment is complete.

Whitening is available at selected practices – please contact your local practice to confirm availability and book your appointment.

How do I use my home teeth whitening kit?

After cleaning your teeth at night, apply a small amount of whitening gel to the inner surface of your custom-made bleaching tray, on the area that contacts the front surface of your teeth. Fit the tray as directed by your orthodontist, and then wipe a wet piece of cotton wool along your gums to remove any excess whitening gel that may have squeezed out. Wear your tray overnight, and in the morning remove your tray and clean the inside with water to remove the whitening gel. Repeat this process nightly.

How soon will I notice a difference?

It normally takes around two weeks to see a noticeable change in the colour of your teeth, but for some people it may take a little longer, depending on the nature of the discolouration. Once you have finished whitening your teeth, return to wearing your retainers as normal… and enjoy your sparkling new smile!

Will I experience any sensitivity?

Some patients can experience mild sensitivity with whitening treatment. This will resolve itself once the treatment has stopped. If you do experience sensitivity, there are several things you can try to help to alleviate this problem, such as using a sensitive toothpaste during treatment, using the whitening gel two nights out of three (or even every other night), or filling the trays with sensitive toothpaste on the nights you are not using whitening gel to help build up some resistance to the sensitivity.

Can I whiten my teeth whilst still straightening them?

We don’t recommend whitening teeth during straightening treatment, as your teeth will move and reveal unwhitened areas, giving an uneven result. If you’re wearing a fixed brace, it also means that the whitening treatment can’t reach the entire surface of the teeth. Whitening after your treatment is the safest and most effective method, and can enhance the ‘wow’ factor of revealing your new and improved smile.


What’s next?

If you’re looking for a straighter and whiter smile, our friendly team are here to help – book your free consultation today to learn more. 

If you aren’t looking to get braces, but would like to have teeth whitening treatment, please visit Bupa Dental Care Whitening for more information on general teeth whitening and where to find your local practice.

 Subject to patient suitability. Selected locations only – please contact your local practice to confirm participation before booking your consultation. 

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