Why is there a waiting list for NHS orthodontic treatment?

The complex world of NHS dental contracts can sometimes leave our patients asking us why they can’t start their NHS teeth straightening treatment immediately.

In the past there was no limit to the number of NHS patients that we could treat each year. And if you came to see us for an NHS consultation, the funding, if required, would be available to begin your treatment without any need to wait.

However, things changed with the introduction of a new dental contract. This dictates the eligibility criteria for NHS orthodontic treatment, as well as the number of our patients that can receive funding for orthodontic treatment each year.

In some of our practices this has led to an increasing disparity between the number of patients who are eligible for braces on the NHS, and the number of patients we are able to treat each year. The result was the introduction of NHS waiting lists for orthodontics, which remain in place to this day.

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