Making orthodontics more environmentally friendly

The issues facing the environment and the world we all share don’t just affect each and every one of us, but will also impact future generations to come. As such, taking steps to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable has never been more important.

At Total Orthodontics, we know that we can do more when it comes to making positive changes and creating a better orthodontics industry for all. That’s why we’re initiating change and taking steps towards creating more ecologically-sound practices, as every positive action lays the foundation for a greener tomorrow.

A woman stands outside by a brick wall with green bushes in the background, holding a collection of clear plastic bottle clutched in her arms

Stepping towards sustainability

It’s still early days when it comes to creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly dentistry. However, our leadership team and practice managers have been working hard to bring more sustainable strategies into the heart of what we do.

Several of our Total Orthodontics practices already run on renewable energy, and this is something we’re looking to continue promoting and implementing up and down the country. It’s a key step towards making Total Orthodontics more eco-conscious; dentistry and orthodontics uses a lot of energy day in, day out, and switching to greener energy sources is an important aspect of our sustainable plan.

Even small changes can make a big difference to the sustainability of our practices. We’re currently ensuring that all of our practices use only LED lighting across the board, significantly reducing the amount of energy required to keep treatment rooms and waiting areas brightly lit.

Simple actions for sustainability

We’ve all got a part to play when it comes to being more sustainable. Simply making small changes to our daily habits - including those involving our oral health or our teeth straightening journey - can help create a greener future for all.

  • When brushing your teeth, cleaning your braces or aligners, or using your interdental brushes on your braces, don’t leave the tap running. It’s said that by turning off the tap when following your oral health routine, you can save up to 24 litres of water per day!

  • If your Total Orthodontics practice is accessible by bus or train, consider using this eco-friendly mode of transport instead. Even better, ride your bike or walk to your appointments.

  • Let your orthodontist know you’d prefer electronic communication only. By reducing the reliance on paper - whether appointment cards, letters or consent forms – we can improve our sustainable approaches in practice.

  • Look for eco-friendly dental and orthodontic products. There are more and more products on the market with sustainable, fairtrade and eco credentials, and this includes dental health products like floss, interdental brushes, toothbrushes and more. Keep an eye out for more sustainable choices and reduce your reliance on single-use plastics where possible.
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