Braces colours: How to choose yours

One of the best things about orthodontic treatment is that you have the option to customise the colour of your braces – so you can make them stand out or blend in depending on your mood.

Your brace consists of small metal brackets, which are attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. These brackets are moved using a thin wire, which is held in place using tiny elastic bands, also known as ligatures.

These bands come in an array of different and exciting colours – from subtle ‘clear’ and ‘pearl’ to statement colours such as ‘fire red’ and ‘bubble gum’. You can even choose to combine two different colours for a bespoke look and maximum impact.

Colour choices at Total Orthodontics

Every time we adjust your brace – approximately every six – eight weeks – your orthodontist or therapist will change your elastic bands, giving you the opportunity to change your colour scheme.

Some patients prefer to keep things inconspicuous and opt for ‘clear’, ‘pearl’ or ‘tooth’ coloured bands, while others unleash their creativity, choosing colours that stand out. Think ‘red’ and ‘green’ at Christmas, or ‘orange’ and ‘black’ for Halloween. Just remember that you’ll be wearing your chosen colours for around two months and typically only choose up to two colours, so choose wisely.

Do light colours stain?

How much will it cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on how complex your case is and the brace that you choose. You can find some more information on our cost of braces page. Following your consultation, you’ll be given a personalised quote.

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