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How much do braces cost?

We’re often asked ‘how much do braces cost?’ and unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer. The cost of your braces will vary depending on the type of brace you choose, how long your treatment is likely to take and your preferred payment option. And if you’re suitable for NHS treatment you might not need to pay anything at all.

Find out more during a free consultation

To help give you an idea of how much your orthodontic treatment could cost, we’ve put the starting price for each brace here on our website. But to find out exactly how much your treatment will cost, you’ll need to come in and see one of our specialist orthodontists for a no-obligation consultation, so they can take a closer look at your teeth. This initial assessment is completely free, and we’ll provide you with personalised quotes for all your preferred treatment options.

If you’re looking to spread the cost of your treatment, we can also show you how much you’ll pay each month with our different finance plans, which include interest-free and 0% deposit options.

Weighing up the cost of a new smile

Private orthodontic treatment can cost upwards of £2,500, so it’s undoubtedly an investment that requires some careful consideration. You’re probably getting quotes from a few different orthodontists, and you’re possibly even looking at alternative cosmetic treatments such as veneers.

Either way, you want to make sure your investment is a good one. So to help you consider your options carefully, here are a few things you should think about when looking to get your teeth straightened:

How long will the results last for?

If you are looking at dental veneers as an alternative to orthodontic treatment it’s worth bearing in mind that to keep them looking their best, your veneers will need replacing every ten years or so.

The results of orthodontic treatment, however, should last a lifetime, BUT this is dependent on you wearing retainers. So make sure the cost of your treatment includes retainers and ideally a follow-up period or guarantee.

We provide all of our private patients with both fixed and removable retainers, as well as a two-year follow-up period. You can then choose to extend your follow-up period indefinitely through our Retainer Care package.

How experienced is your clinician?

It’s easy to assume that anyone who offers orthodontic treatment is highly skilled with heaps of experience – but this isn’t always the case. So it’s always worth finding out the credentials of your clinician before entrusting them with your smile.

As specialist orthodontists, we have qualified as dentists and then spent a further three years training full time to be orthodontists. Now we only straighten teeth. It’s what we do all day, every day. This means we have the expertise and experience to treat a wide range of problems, from mild crowding to more complex cases involving jaw surgery.

Are you comparing like-for-like treatments?

You can now choose from a number of different braces, including traditional fixed braces; clear, removable aligners; and lingual braces, which are fitted to the inside of your teeth. And the choice doesn’t stop there. There are different brands creating their own versions of these braces – and not all are created equal.

Six Month Smiles and Empower Clear, for example, are both types of clear fixed braces, but the similarities end there. Six Month Smiles is only concerned with straightening your front teeth, whereas Empower Clear is a more advanced self-ligating brace, which offers greater accuracy of tooth positioning and can improve the way your teeth bite together.

Over the years we’ve straightened thousands of smiles and we’ve tried and tested a lot of different braces. Our priority is to give our patients a choice of different braces, while making sure we only offer the most effective appliances, which guarantee the best end result.

What do other patients have to say?

Most orthodontists will be able to show you some before and after photos of cases they’ve treated, and ideally some examples that have similar complaints to your own. It’s also worth taking some time to look at recent testimonials and customer surveys, to see what other patients had to say about their orthodontic treatment. A great smile is obviously the main goal, but it’s important to make sure you’ll be well looked after throughout your treatment.

We hope this helps you to compare your teeth straightening options – and appreciate that the cheapest option doesn’t necessarily provide the best value.

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One Response to How much do braces cost?

  1. bertha 7th January 2016 at 12:37 am #

    true dat. my braces were £5,000 and they said i wasnt eligible for free ones, turns out the damage was worse than expected, ive have mine on for two years now.

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