Teeth straightening

We use the latest teeth straightening techniques to create confident smiles for patients of all ages

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that focuses on the development of your face, teeth and jaws to achieve optimal function and aesthetics. As well as creating beautiful smiles, teeth straightening can also improve the health of your teeth, by changing the way they bite together and making it easier to keep them clean.

To straighten your teeth, we use fixed or removable braces to move them into the desired position. The good news is that braces are better than ever, leading to improved patient comfort and reduced treatment times. There are also a number of more discreet options available, so you can choose a brace that suits your lifestyle; whether that’s clear, removable aligners or virtually-invisible lingual braces.

NHS orthodontics

Anyone under the age of 18 is eligible for a free assessment to determine whether they qualify for NHS treatment. NHS care is available to patients who need treatment to improve their dental health.

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Invisible braces

Braces have got smaller, more comfortable and more discreet. Choose from clear, removable aligners or even braces that are hidden on the inside of your teeth.

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Fixed braces

Traditional fixed braces have evolved to be more efficient than ever, with the introduction of low friction self-ligating braces, which use lighter forces to move your teeth.

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To guarantee that your teeth stay straight after braces it’s important to wear retainers. To keep our patients smiling, we provide removable and/or fixed retainers to every patient.

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