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Sonil Kalia

Specialist Orthodontist D.Ortho R.D.S (Denmark) M.Sc.(Ortho) B.D.S (Sheffield) L.D.S.R.C.S (England)

The best thing about my job is helping people to create a great smile which then instills in them confidence and a better and healthier perspective on life. Also it is fun and rewarding working with a great group of people

If I wasn’t an orthodontist I would be studying to become one, as I really love my profession

When I’m not straightening teeth I am playing sports, especially skiing, and learning languages as I’m fluent in German

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Dr Chin Fung “Victor” Leung

Specialist Orthodontist BDS Cert Ortho(Sweden) MMedSc(Sweden) MOrth RCS (Edinburgh)

The best thing about my job is meeting different people every day, seeing their teeth getting straighter and eventually the creation of many beautiful smiles, and a lot of self confidence gained by my patients

If I wasn’t an orthodontist I’d be either a physicist or a professional football goal keeper. I’ve always been fascinated by Physics from a very young age. As I grew up, I was one of the trainee goal keepers of a national youth training programme back in Hong Kong

When I’m not straightening teeth I will be either changing nappies for my young son, or sleeping during the day, as it can be quite tiring looking after my little one!

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Lindsay Stansall

Orthodontic Therapist

The best thing about my job is being with the patient on their orthodontic journey from start to finish. Witnessing the excitement of having their brace off and seeing the big smiles on their faces after and being proud to say “I did that!”

If I wasn’t an orthodontist I would probably be involved in some form of alternative therapies. I have always fancied radiography, or my secret passion is History. I’d love to work in a museum handling the antiques.

When I’m not straightening teeth I can be found at a keep fit class, or at a Mind, Body Spirit event usually indulging in some form of massage therapy, especially reflexology. Or maybe relaxing in a coffee shop, reading a good book. Otherwise I will be visiting places of a historical interest with friends; castles and nature are my passion.

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Nagina Zuber

Hygiene Therapist

The best thing about my job is that I get to meet lots of people everyday, lots of people means lots of talking and I do like a good chat

If I wasn’t a hygiene therapist I’d be a skin care consultant. There is just something about trailing new skin care products. Glowing skin is always a winner!

When I’m not straightening teeth I’m probably eating food. I enjoy going out to eat or even staying in to eat. My favourites include steak and cheese.

GDC no. 227360

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