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New Year, New You

Are you preparing your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you want to eat healthier, exercise more or take up a new hobby. Or, like so many thousands of adults do you want to achieve your dream smile with straighter teeth?

Let’s be honest, most resolutions fail, but straightening your teeth is an easy one to stick to. The first step is to contact your local Total Orthodontics practice and book a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Why choose Total Orthodontics?

We are the teeth straightening experts. Our team of specialist orthodontics first trained as dentists, and then spent a further three years studying full time to be orthodontists. Their dedication to orthodontics means you’re in good hands.

It’s never too late for a straighter smile

You’ll be pleased to hear that there’s no upper age limit for braces. Your teeth will need to be healthy and suitable for treatment, but age isn’t a factor.

“Invisible” braces

Many adults would like to have orthodontic treatment, but don’t want to wear traditional metal braces. Nowadays there are more inconspicuous ways to straighten your teeth, including a range of clear braces.

Invisalign® is a discreet brace system that uses clear, removable and comfortable aligners that are tailor-made to you to correct crooked and overcrowded teeth. Your clear aligner will be changed approximately every two weeks. Each new aligner brings your teeth closer to the correct alignment. The length of treatment will vary depending on your teeth and the results you’d like.

A lingual brace is just like the traditional metal brace we’re all familiar with, but they are custom-made to fit on the back of your teeth. They are a type of clear braces which gently moves the teeth into position almost invisibly. Treatment can take up to two years, but you may see noticeable results within a few months!

Why wait?

Treat yourself to straighter teeth in 2019. Book your free consultation today and start the journey to the confident smile that you deserve.

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