Why choose Total Orthodontics?

Specialist orthodontic practice

1. We’re a specialist orthodontic practice

We only straighten teeth, so we’re really good at it. All the clinicians at Total Orthodontics are specialist orthodontists or orthodontic therapists, and everyone has undergone dedicated orthodontic training in order to provide you with the best possible care. In fact, our specialist orthodontists – who oversee every patient’s treatment – first trained as dentists, and then spent a further three years studying full time to be orthodontists.

2. We offer free consultations

There’s so much information available about braces and orthodontic treatment, but sometimes it’s better to sit down with someone face-to-face to find out what’s what. That’s why we offer free no-obligation consultations: so you can find out if braces are right for you before you part with a penny.

Incognito braces

3. You can choose from a range of discreet braces

We’re experienced providers of a range of different braces, so you can choose the one that’s right for you, without compromising on that all-important end result. Removable aligners are great if you’re concerned about avoiding your favourite foods during treatment, while lingual braces offer unrivalled discreetness.

4. We’ve been straightening smiles for over fifteen years

Since we set up shop – or orthodontic practice – in 2000, we’ve grown to be the largest provider of NHS orthodontics in the South East. We now have eleven clinics throughout the South East. As a large well-established group you can be assured that we’re great at what we do, and in the unlikely event that your clinician leaves during your treatment we can make sure your care isn’t affected.

5. We care about patient care

With a dedicated customer service manager, we’re always looking for different ways to improve our customers’ experience. We routinely survey our patients to make sure we’re on the right track. In 2013 the NHS launched their friends and family test, and we’re happy to report that 97% of our patients are ‘likely or ‘very likely’ to recommend us.