Invisalign makes Brighton smile

Invisalign® makes Brighton smile

Brighton shoppers were left with smiles on their faces last Saturday, thanks to a surprise pop-up shop from the team at Invisalign – the people behind the clear aligner system that goes by the same name.

Passers-by took a double take as they strolled down Meeting House Lane, only to discover a shop window with hidden depths. Seemingly an innocent mirrored shop front, it provided the perfect opportunity for Brightonians to check themselves out as they passed by. But in true Snow White style, this mirror had opinions of its own, and it was keen to share!

Thankfully, unlike the fairy tale, this mirror only had good things to say, complimenting everyone who looked its way. And the fun didn’t stop there. Those who stopped to take a closer look saw the mirror disappear to reveal a smile-inducing scene of puppies or flowers. Then, just when they thought the surprise was over, a dashing actor stepped out of the shop, to present them with flowers or serenade them with a song!

Invisalign is often associated with confident smiles, so it was very fitting that their pop-up shop brought so many to the streets of Brighton. It has certainly made our patients smile over the years. They love the fact that Invisalign aligners are comfortable, removable, and best of all virtually invisible.

To find out more, book a free consultation at one of our upcoming Invisalign open days in Brighton, where we’ll be offering exclusive discounts on Invisalign treatment*. To reserve your spot call 01273 499699, or email

*Offer available until May 2014. Terms and conditions apply.

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